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Make interactions more personal with well-defined micro-segments

Segmentation based on real-time customer behaviour like installs, clicks, purchase history.​

Create segments based on existing & new users, acquisition source, channel reachability, etc.

Segmentation based on purchase history, product usage information, qualitative data like mouse movement etc.

Manage catalog by creating segments based on SKU level analytics, size & variants sold, high demand products, etc.

Enrich campaigns with personal information like name, age, gender, location, mobile users, desktop users, etc.

Group customers based on economic value like big-ticket, low AOV customers, etc for better product recommendation.


Segment. Target. Convert.

Manage targeted customer-centric communications for maximum conversions.

Ready-To-Use Segments to launch targeted campaigns without any delay

Ready-To-Use Segments

Create custom segments based on your campaign goals

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