What is RFM Analysis?

RFM stands for Recency, Frequency, and Monetary Value. RFM analysis is a statistical tool that can help you segment your customer base for better targeting and ROI.

What are the benefits of RFM Analysis?

RFM Analysis helps marketers and e-commerce businesses understand

How responsive are their customers to their promotions?

How engaged and satisfied customers are with their products and offers?

Who are their top-valued customers that can be retained for better CLTV?

RFM Model in Wigzo

Wigzo scores your customers automatically based on their RFM factors. Then, you can create smart customer segments based on this score – or,

Wigzo’s AI can do it for you!

Based on the above RFM Model insights,

Wigzo creates the following customer segments with actionable insights;

You can create any other custom cohort based on the analytics!

Automate Your Targeting and Customer Retention

Wigzo automatically creates smart customer segmentation based on your customer data.

You can also set custom parameters to segment your customers based on their purchase Recency, Frequency, and Spend in each transaction.

Take the Right Action for Your Customer Cohorts

Wigzo’s automated RFM-based Customer segmentation allows you to take timely action to convert, engage, and retain more customers. You can:

Automatic reply

Automatically respond to decreasing purchase activity on your e-store.

Personalize content

Personalize your content as per the smart segments for better ROI and CLTV.

Boost customer engagement

Automatically boost customer engagement when they have been inactive post a set threshold time limit.

customer to loyal customer

Turn your active customers into loyal ones with tailored offers and benefits

  Wigzo’s E-commerce Intelligence gives you an unparalleled competitive edge to nurture your customers with RFM analysis with highly automated workflows.

Your turn to RFM Analysis!

Wigzo’s incredibly powerful RFM model will help you discover actionable insights from your customer data, and help you:

Minimize customer

Minimize customer
churn rate

Boost customer

Boost customer

Retain at-risk

Retain at-risk

Re-engage dormant

Re-engage dormant

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