How HappyFares Leveraged Omnichannel Marketing & AI-Based Segmentation

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About HappyFares

HappyFares provides travelers with a hassle-free flight ticket booking experience. HappyFares offer cheapest airfares and allow travelers to book low-priced flight tickets, get the cheapest airfares and save money on every trip. HappyFares’ flight booking process has sorted travels for all! Check out the HappyFares coupon and offers HERE!


HappyFares faced a set of challenges while exploring growth opportunities.
➢ High Browser Abandonment Rate
➢ Lack of Hyper-Personalised Customer Engagement
➢ Uplifting Revenue and Customer Retention


Read the HappyFares case study to know how Wigzo elevated HappyFares’ flight ticket booking experience for its customers.
➢ Behavior-based Journey Optimiser to improve engagement
➢ Customer Segmentation for a robust targeted marketing
➢ Behavioral Onsite Nudge to reduce browser abandonment