How 4700BC used Wigzo’s Omnichannel Marketing Automation to Boost Revenue?

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    4700BC Growth Report


    Increase in Revenue Generation


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    Increase in Ecom Conversion Rate

    About 4700BC

    4700BC is the FMCG industry’s famous popcorn manufacturer & seller. This FMCG brand, started in 2012, offers a vast range, from cheese popcorn to gourmet popcorn. With 50+ assortments of popcorn and 18+ exotic & quirky popcorn flavours, 4700BC is reaching new heights by the day and aiming towards building a name in the FMCG sector.


    The main objectives of 4700BC were as follows:
    ➢ Increase Revenue
    ➢ Improve Targeted Marketing
    ➢ Seamless Omnichannel Engagement


    While exploring growth opportunities in the FMCG market, 4700BC encountered the following challenges:
    ➢ Low Customer Retention
    ➢ High Browser Abandonment Rate
    ➢ Lack of Personalised Customer Engagement


    Read the 4700BC case study to know how Wigzo helped the popcorn brand tackle the above-mentioned challenges:
    ➢ Effective Customer Segmentation
    ➢ Behaviour-based Automation to reduce cart abandonment rate
    ➢ Customer Journey Orchestration to Improve Omnichannel Engagement