A capital platform enabling growth for your business We’re in the middle of a massive, disruptive growth story in digital commerce: digital businesses are innovating, one product at a time & these brands have built a loyal community of customers over time. Despite having consistent recurring sales, many digital businesses fail to find suitable funding avenues. Technology is evolving, products are becoming newer & better, communities are building and we are just doing our part by handling funding, in a founder-friendly way. Started as a passion project to now being India’s largest Revenue Based Financing investor, we are on a mission to provide fast, flexible & founder-friendly capital to digital businesses across stages (early, growth or late).

Services Offered: RBF (Revenue Based Financing)

Klub’s RBF Product offers a fast and seamless access to capital for merchants/brands for various high ROI use cases like marketing spend, Inventory & working capital requirement. Investments raised through our platform are structured as revenue-linked debt and are optimized for a brand’s revenue flows: it shares a fixed percentage of monthly revenues as returns instead of a fixed EMI.


  • No fixed EMIs: Brands pay less in months when revenues are lower and pay more when business is booming. The total amount to be repaid is capped, so there is no risk of overpaying.
  • Zero equity dilution: Founders retain complete control of their businesses. No personal guarantees, hard collateral, equity kickers, etc.
  • Funding that scales with the brand: With a demonstrated repayment track record and growing revenues, brands can raise funds through Klub every 2-3 months.
  • Minimal Documentation: No mountains of paperwork and presentations!