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Omnichannel growth platform for your E-commerce store

Combine The Power Of Email, SMS, WhatsApp, Onsite And Messenger In A Single Interface To

Acquire Customers Convert Sales Drive Repeat Orders Grow Revenue

    Do it all with Wigzo!

    Stop shelling out thousands of dollars to dozens of marketing, sales, and support software. Experience the most cost-effective, integrated software. Wigzo's all-in-one CRM software is the most comprehensive solution for your business.

    Best-in-class marketing automation platform for your D2C brand

    Welcome your customers, push them down the sales funnel, and drive repeat purchases.

    Send personalized and media-rich push notifications to encourage users to interact with your brand.

    Engage your consumers across all platforms with personalized discussions.

    Recover up to 60% of lost sales and increase your revenue with automated cart recovery campaigns over WhatsApp, email, SMS, voice call, push notification, Instagram and many more.

    Wigzo’s sophisticated AI-based customer segmentation empowers e-commerce brands for precise targeting and improved conversion rates.

    Make new customers feel at home with your business by greeting them with elegance. Through this approach, you can send them automated welcome emails and promotional offers.

    Reward your customers for adding more items to their carts and provide them with incentives to purchase with you more often.

    Give your anonymous users the opportunity to associate with you by a simple “link click”! Magic Link encourages your audience to agree to the sharing of basic information without having to type anything, allowing them to reap the advantages of your brand.

    Delight users and engage them at every touchpoint


    Send welcome messages to onboard new customers.


    Do it easy to make the initial conversion with product recommendations.


    Excellent digital experiences create devoted customers.


    If you can regain users, everything's not lost.

    Unify data and deep analytics to personalize your customer journey.

    First-user visit: Build an impressive list of subscribers in no time!

    Turn casual site visitors into loyal customers with the best marketing automation solutions in the industry.

    Magic Link: Using the fantastic double-tap link, you can convert anonymous site visitors into subscribers.

    Push Notifications: Enable your customers to subscribe to your brand without exchanging personal information

    Exit Intent: Do not allow customers to abandon your e-commerce site without reason. Utilize AI-based exit intent to boost last-minute conversions.

    Supercharge conversions: Maximize your sales by sending out personalized messaging.

    Using email, SMS, and WhatsApp, cultivate customers for conversion.

    Email: Send personalized welcome emails, offers, and updates through email to convert consumers.

    SMS: Leverage an open rate of up to 98% with SMS offers and purchase updates.

    WhatsApp: For a comprehensive omnichannel experience, send personalized messages, offers, and updates using WhatsApp.

    Onsite Behavioral Nudge: Accelerate the checkout process for your consumers with intelligent behavioral pop-up messages.

    Enable a smoother transaction process: Recover abandoned shopping carts to increase revenue.

    Increase your income by recovering up to 60% of purchases that would have otherwise been lost:

    WhatsApp Cart Recovery: Encourage customers to retrieve their abandoned shopping cart purchases using WhatsApp.

    SMS Cart Recovery: Persuade your consumers to retrieve abandoned shopping carts using personalized text messages.

    Voice Cart Recovery: For abandoned cart recovery, send highly engaging automated voice call campaigns to your customers.

    Retain lucrative customers: Maintain the brand loyalty of your most valuable consumers.

    The Customer Data Platform from Wigzo enables companies to retain consumers for optimum CLTV.

    WhatsApp Cart Recovery: Encourage customers to retrieve their abandoned shopping cart purchases using WhatsApp.

    RFM Analysis: Smartly segment your clients based on Recency, Frequency, and Monetary value for laser-focused marketing.

    Multiple Cart Recovery Options: Send abandoned cart recovery nudges through WhatsApp, Voice, and Email for up to 60% more revenue.

    Optimized Product Recommendations: Provide your consumers with potent product recommendations based on their behavior and previous purchases to improve CX.

    Prebuilt marketing automation workflows

    When your customers get the same message and experience across all marketing channels, your brand becomes known, and the connection is reinforced. Wigzo enables you to develop consistent, personalized marketing for all of your customers.

    Push Notifications

    Send personalized and media-rich push notifications to encourage app users to interact with your brand.

    Email Personalization

    Transmit targeted email marketing campaigns to engage users outside your app.


    Deliver relevant and timely SMS notifications based on user identity and real-time behaviour.

    Create actionable user segments effortlessly

    Segment users into real-time segments and optimize your audience targeting with our robust, automated segmentation engine.

    40+ predefined segments for you to target with just one click.
    Amplify your customer engagement with actionable data & 360-degree user view.
    Create micro-segments for High Intent Customers.
    Delight customers with highly personalized offers, recommendations, alerts, and updates.
    Use AI-based technology for precise customer segmentation.


    Target consumers based on their precise in-app behaviors

    Segment people based on historical data or watch them in real-time by adding them to a segment as soon as their behavior satisfies your requirements.


    Automatically monitor real-time user groups

    To make the most of your opportunity, keep tabs on what your consumers are doing right now in your app. Whether it's a high-priced purchase or an unfinished deal, promptness is essential.


    Make more of what your customers want to see more of.

    What if you could categorize users based on their hobbies, preferences, and other personal choices in addition to their behavior? These are known as psychographic segments, and they work like a charm.

    RFM-Based Automated Segmentation - Explore Distinct Customer Segments Automatically Out of the Box.

    Marketing requires segmentation. From billions of data points, it’s difficult to identify relevant consumer categories. Manually grouping them might be difficult.

    Marketers spend too much time comparing data sets to uncover actionable consumer behavior differences.

    Automated segmentation based on recency, frequency, and monetary (RFM) analysis evaluates your customer behavior to detect how recently and often they have taken action, such as buying a product or scheduling a vacation.

    It separates your audience into various categories, including heroes and devoted users, as well as at-risk and hibernating customers who are likely to churn.

    Customers who have migrated from one segment to another can be identified in a single, straightforward display, allowing you to fine-tune your engagement efforts continuously.

    Are prospective customers becoming advocates? Include product recommendations in push notifications. Are customers in danger of churning into the dormant segment? Reactivate them with custom reactivation offers.

    The automatic segmentation provided by Wigzo additionally provides channel-specific reachability data for each category. Determine the most successful communication channel, such as mobile push, email, SMS, and web push, to tailor your message and prioritize the engagement preferences of each group.

    Stay close to your customers with Wigzo's broadcast feature

    Increase your conversion rates and optimize the customer lifecycle.

    Promotional Offers

    Inform your subscribers about special offers, flash sales, or other promotions, or devise different messages of your own.

    Win Back Customers

    Re-engage old customers who haven't made a purchase in a while. Engage & tempt them back to your online store.

    Hot Deals

    Send hot deals to your customers to reap benefits like in-store traffic, additional purchases, and enhanced online visibility.

    Recover abandoned carts

    Remind customers to complete purchases by sending abandoned cart emails.