&Me achieved 300% e-commerce business growth with Wigzo About &Me &Me’s is a top e-commerce brand in the Women’s Health category and has served 2,00,000+ women. &Me talks to over 150+ women everyday in a constant effort to improve their health & well-being. Challenges – Acquiring more subscribers and converting them into sales. – A … Read more


Pots and Pans Clocked 89% Revenue With Marketing Automation About Pots and Pans Pots and Pans India brings a multitude of avant-garde kitchen utensils and tools with unrivalled durability and unmatchable safety standards.  Challenges – Growing the subscribers’ list for sustainable revenue – Identification and segmentation of customers based on their purchasing behaviour – Automating … Read more


WforWoman garners 15% boosted ARPU with Wigzo About WforWoman Wforwoman is a brand in the Indian retail space with presence in 4 other nations that offer ‘Indian contemporary’ wear as per contemporary fashion curve. The brand offer designs inspired by western fashion trends and fuses them into silhouettes and styles cherished by the modern Indian … Read more